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A Different Kind of CPA Firm -

Welcome to Scarborough CPA – Here you will find a CPA Firm built around one core idea: an unrivaled level of individual service. The results of this endeavor is that Scarborough CPA is unique among CPA firms in that everything - all the work - is handled start to finish by a licensed CPA. You might find this surprising, but at most other firms, client work is mostly done by a non-CPA staff person …or even outsourced overseas. I know my clients value their financial security and privacy, so that will never happen at Scarborough CPA.

I put a high value on my relationship with my clients and keeping their confidence. I know that starts with building trust: you can expect fair and fully disclosed billing practices, honest and competent advice, and the expectation that all services provided to you will be through and thoughtfully completed.

My focus is on tax preparation, researching tax law, and representation in tax disputes with the IRS for individuals, partnerships, and corporations (LLC's). In addition, I am prepared for issues in a broad range of areas of tax consequence including international, multi-state, individual estates, and trusts. 

If you're ready to get started, please feel free to book an appointment and I look forward to hearing from you, 

Chapman Scarborough, CPA, Master of Taxation

Taxation Services

Tax Preparation
& Compliance. 

Tax law is complex and almost everyone experiences an event that has tax implications during the year - events like buying or selling a home, selling securities, retirement contributions, etc. If you have any level of tax complexity beyond a simple W-2, a CPA is more qualified to prepare your tax return than online or retail providers. When you compare the cost, the investment in professional CPA tax preparation can be a lot less that you might think.   

& Planning.

While many think you can any unearth any information with a Google search, a CPA has the experience and knowledge to give you peace of mind on how to handle a tax issue correctly.  Get the answers you need before you make a financial decision that could have negative tax consequences.  For individuals, tax planning is a critical part of minimizing unnecessary income taxes. For businesses, tax planning is a key part of maximizing profit and strategic planning. 

& Audits.

Almost every taxpayer will have an interaction with the IRS or other tax authorities at some point in their life. If you receive a letter concerning your taxes, immediately seek professional representation to respond.  Know that you have the right to representation, so don’t go it alone.  Just as it's inadvisable to go to court without a lawyer, it's equally inadvisable to interact with the IRS without representation from a tax practitioner.   

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